Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Move on over

Hello are you still out there? Please tune in at Have you tryed the new typepad site?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Say Goodbye tp the old and Hello to the New

Well I hope that everyone has found their way to my new site but for those of you that don't log on thru you maybe wondering where I've went and why there hasn't been any new posts. I've switched over to a newer style of weblog where I can posts better links and photo albums with a lot more pictures for those of you to view.
Thanks for reading and enjoy the new site......

Thursday, May 03, 2007

When is it considered a "bad" ride?

After another day of misery at work, which seems to be the norm recently I loaded up the SuperCal 29er and drove off to Moraine. TJ had given me his wheelset with the new Bontrager Tubeless ACX setup so I could get them "ridden in". For those unaware of how tubeless works I'll explain. The wheels get a strip installed on the inside with a permanent valve stem, you then install the tire but before rolling the last section of bead onto the rim you put some type of sealant into the tire. In this case we have chosen Bontragers Super Juice. You then air the tire up and continue until the pressure goes somewhere above 60 pounds and you'll hear the bead "pop" onto the rim. You will also see the sealant bubble in areas around the bead. Once you have done this its best to leave the extra pressure in them for awhile then air them down to your desired pressure and ride them. Riding them gets the sealant worked around the inside the best and will usually do the trick for getting the tire completely sealed. This is what I was doing for TJ since he didn't have time to ride off road before this weekends race.
So Moraine it was again, except everything seemed to be working against me. First up as I bombed down thru some rocks a stick kicked up and into my front wheel thus ripping my computer transmitter from its mount. What could I do? Nothing so I just shook my head & continued.

Well it didn't stop there. Only about 5 mins later I twisted the shifter for the front drive train and "snap" nothing! I stopped and rolled the bike over only to see that a rock had rolled up off the front tire and smashed the derailleur cable leaving only a strand or two holding it together but as soon as I tried to shift it broke completely. Now I'm part way thru the park and my ride officially reached the status of "bad"! Broken transmitter, broken cable what next? Well let me tell you that a "bad" ride beats out no ride so I did as anyone in my shoes would do. No I didn't get out my tools and reset the limits on the derailleur instead I road the remainder of the ride in the little ring spinning a high cadence and sitting most of the ride. It was a bit different but never the less I completed the ride. Oh well off to the shop to make a few adjustments & repairs, but remember "bad" rides are expected on occasion so don't fight them just find your way through something good may come of anyway.


Monday, April 30, 2007


Outside the window of our table @ Dennys in Hagerstown we watched this happy little duck waddle around the parking lot before nestling down in the dew covered grass just beside the entrance, as if to lay claim to its territory. It made me think about my race that would start @ 3:30 that day, would I be waddling around the course looking all happy? laying claim to the territory? Probably not but never the less we finished breakfast and headed in the direction of Greenbrier State Park.
Today's race held the fate of my riders dreams. It would be a qualifier for an invite to something in the way of a National race. Also the UCI (pros that ride for a living) riders gather points from races like these for Olympic qualifiers. So the field of riders would be many and would be strong. Above is a picture of me & Jerry Bliton who was back on the bike for the first time in weeks (since some back surgery) and tooling around the course showing his support to all. Thanks Jerry as always it was great seeing you and thanks for all the encouragement! Chris & Jeremiah after a good but unsatisfying finish. Both guys are great athletes and very normal people. I spoke with both of them in length while hanging out at the Trek Tent with Stephen Hoover (Trek Regional East Team) who included me as a member for the weekend.
Michelle, Gunnar, Chris Eatough & his wife with their new baby, Congrats to them!

Heres two more well known faces... Gunnar & Betsy (bunny) Shogren.

Michelle entering her second lap for a victory in the 30/39 Female Sport group! Great job Champ!

Ok So Michelle kicked some butt @ 10:30 which leaves me to race @ 3:30. By this time of the day I'm thinking of driving home and calling it a weekend, but that isn't how you do things. No even when you're feeling like doing something else duty calls and you're lined up at the Start. I was riding the new Ferrous for its first race and was a bit concerned about how it would handle and perform with the fast, rocky course. Nothing to worry about the starting whistle blew and off the 28 singlespeeders go! Several of the guys in my group are really strong riders and one of them I have raced several times. Most of those times I came out the victor but today's stars where not aliened in my favor. Shortly into the course two riders went around me and hung out in front But within my view for the first 2 laps before pulling away on the 3rd. I did somehow manage to hang on to my 3rd place position for the Bronze. It turned out to be a very tough day for me but there's a long season ahead with many more fast competitors to square off with.

We hung around for the awards with Gunnar, Betsy, Mike & Erin Yozell, Amy Breyla & CB before packin it in and turning toward the west..